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In the name of the SCIENCE!

3D Printer
Tissues, Cartilages & Organs

Biotechnology is the way to future!

Development of

We research new materials!

Biofab BioPrinter

3d Printer: Tissues, Cartilages and Organs


Upper limb and lower extremity prosthesis printing project at affordable cost with simple and resistant materials as the polymers. This project has been incubated by Statup Chile & 500 startup

3D BioPrinter

We have build the WORLD First WORKING 3D BioPrinter , with high precision harmless materials, with a polar arm and different biomaterials.


Biological LAB development with Stem Cell. First Bank of Organ in the World. Print Organs, Tissues and Cartilage on Demand using 3D BioPrinter and BioMaterials

What we do

Our technology allow us to print tissues and organs!

Biofab is a biotechnology company we provide tissues and organ printing services. We also
Build tridimencional printers for different medical institutions and investigates and develop
New biomaterials with the support of local and international institutions.

Sharing Knowledge


During the past 10 years we have seen all over the world a scientist interest for the biotechnology. Here we are going to show you six investigation cases that brought us to todays discovery, the Possibility of printing organs and tissue.

3D BioPrinter

What is the problem?.
The line for a new organ transplantation is getting longer every day. The problem can be seen not only in lack of actual donors at the particular moment, but also in the waiting time.
“What we’re selling is biological materials in stem cells”, tells us Cesar. In need of an organ? Or maybe you want to own the whole bio printer? With BioFab both options are possible. The company makes sales offers for 3D bio printers together with all the necessary supplies, as well as ready-made, human organs. At the moment, BioFab creates biomaterials of human size like trachea, which after being 3D printed are put into a bioreactor
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