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Stock Exchange for Startups and Small Businesses Worldwide. IPO: An Indicator of Success

Secondary market trading can be a great indicator of a successful business. They aren’t called “blue chips” for nothing. If a company is traded a lot that means it is making business and people are paying attention to it. There is no better indicator that an idea is worth developing. Now for the first time you can trade shares of your Startup Project or Small Business Worldwide!

Real-time Business Valuation

Having your company’s shares traded gives you a constant real-time valuation of how much your business is worth. You can easily keep track if you are doing well and are adding value to your shareholders or you need to improve your business.

Early Exit from the Investment

Startup investments are generally highly illiquid: you either have to wait for a bigger company to acquire the startup or to hope that it grows by itself large enough to be listed on a fully organized official stock exchange. With Cadia Startup Exchange investors can exit the investment any time they find a bid!

Market Rules Set the Share Price

Supply and demand determine the price of each share, as long as there is enough liquidity on the exchange. Nothing is better than the market rules when it comes to fairness and up-to-date quotes.

Short & Long-term Investments

On a platform that facilitates re-selling of startup equity you can actually have the choice if you want to keep your shares in the business or offer it for sale on the very next day. You can build your portfolio with conservative long-term investments and speculative short-term deals – it’s all up to you.

Be a Desired Investment Asset

Promise something back! And give it! Startups rarely distribute dividends as they need all the money for growth. This is why investors expect to win through capital gains and to be able to sell at the right moment. If you offer them such conditions, they will be much more likely to fund your venture over any other “hold and hope for the best” asset.

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