3d BioPrinter

Biofab is presenting The First 3d BioPrinter Work in the World. Currently, BioFab can print organs such as cartilage, tissues, esophagus, trachea, bladder, etc. — as long as the organs need only one cellular function and they are not compound organs, BioFab can already print and deliver them starting October within 2 months. With organs such as the liver, it is very difficult to bioprint them at this stage, since they have several layers and each layer processes different substance from the other. Hence, it is not yet possible but there are plans to develop them in the future. Initially, the first transplant was planned last year when BioFab got a request to bio print a piece for a child. Unfortunately, the child passed away before it was possible to do the transplant. The first implant is now planned for October 2016.

While the price of a bio printer is approximately $400,000, the price for a single organ, e.g. cartilage does not exceed $12,000. Printing the organ takes four hours on average. The process with stem cells, differentiation, cultivation and multiplication takes four to six weeks. In the end, the patient can get their organ within 8 weeks of ordering it.

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