Organ Bank

What is the problem?

The line for a new organ transplantation is getting longer every day. The problem can be seen not only in lack of actual donors at the particular moment, but also in the waiting time. To give an example, the median waiting time for an individual’s first kidney transplant is 3.6 years and can vary depending on health, compatibility and availability of organs.

In 2003, Cesar’s grandmother died from a liver cancer. Full of hope and optimism, the family was waiting to hear the happy news from the doctors that there is a donor. Unfortunately, this day never came. Life showed its dark side and Cesar’s grandmother passed away. “Eleven years later I still remember her pain” — tells us Cesar. This unfortunate event in Cesar’s life was the main reason why he asked himself: why not create a technology for printing human organs? This is how BioFab came into being.

“In need of an organ? Or maybe you want to own the whole bioprinter? BioFab can give you both.”

How is the problem solved?

“Average human lives for 80 years. I aim to increase this number by 50%.”

Over 400 years ago, the human life amounted to forty or fifty years on average. With the revolutionary scientific discovery — the creation of penicillin, which saved up to 200 million lives, the average life length increased by 50%. Cesar and Ricardo believe that it is time to increase human living by another 50% and this can be done with the bio-printed organs.

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