How to print a heart

A group of surgeons from a hospital in New York had outlined the importance of printing a human Heart in 3D to save the life of a two week old baby who was in need of a complex surgical procedure.

This group of doctors printed a 3D heart from the data they got from the magnetic reso
nance test, this heart was very damaged, and the 3D heart allowed to make strategies, study
and develop a new procedure before starting with the surgical procedure
The new born´s heart had holes, this issues are not unusual on a congenital cardiopathy patient, The heart´s chambers had a laberynth shape.

Dr. Emile Bacha, one of this team surgeons, made a comment, in the we would have to stop the
Heart and do an examination on the inside in order to go to the next step, with this technique we had a map to guide us we were able to fix the patients heart in one step. This is a great way in treatment of congenital cardiopathy this way we can see the importance of the 3D in this and other treatments, we had seen in the past that this printed organs help with the surgical procedure we will also estimate that during this year we will have a liver wich will eventually work as a human organ in this and other surgery process.

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