In 2003, at age 79, my grandmother, who raised me and was like a mother to me died from cirrhosis. This desease, 12 years ago, in my country was associated with a life of alcohol excess. Nowadays I know that everyone who has had hepatitis is doomed to die from it and my grandmother was no exception. She had had it when she was 40. On the days previous to her death various things went trough my mind: the life of a young person seems to have more value than one from a old human being, her doctors didn't even consider a liver transplant because of the long list of waiting patients younger than her. The second thing that called my attention was that organ donation from brain dead patients is a very difficult decision for the family and sometimes they change their mind, and its understable but makes the anguish of waiting is almost as painful as death itself.

I loved my grandmother very much, sometimes i think more than my mother, so this sad chapter of my life got me thinking: wouldn't it be great if someone invented something to extend peoples life?

Ten years later I thought of becoming that someone and extend peoples lives with a process that starts with our Organ bank built on transformed stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord, third molar and or fat tissue, to later "print" an scaffold organ on a 3D printer and inoculate it with extracted and differentiated stem cells.